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The PrivaMD blog is dedicated to providing our patients and our community with helpful information and tips to help guide you on your journey to complete health and wellness. Whether you have a question about a particular service, like acupuncture or IV nutrition therapy, or you’re looking for tips to promote better sleep or healthy eating, check out the posts below for answers to all of your wellness questions. 

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense!

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense!

To effectively shield the body against the novel coronavirus – and other viruses for that matter – means actively seeking ways to lower one’s vulnerability to infection. Keep your immune system as strong as it can be by ensuring sufficient intake of vitamins....

Spring Break Ready Specials

Spring Break Ready Specials

Let PrivaMD give you the support you need to be spring break confident. You'll visit with our functional nutritionist to create a nutrition plan that's right for you. You'll receive an i'move fitness assessment for a perfectly tailored exercise plan, enjoy 4 infrared...

Parenting Mindfully

Parenting Mindfully

Parenting can be an emotional roller coaster no matter how old your children are. During stressful parenting moments we may become so frustrated and let our emotions control our reactions. It happens so quickly and we aren’t thinking about how our children are...

Fembruary-it’s all about the V!

Fembruary-it’s all about the V!

Our apologies, all available spots have been filled. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out about our upcoming events, news and specials! Just like every other part of the body, a woman’s most intimate area changes with age, but additional...

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 We are extremely excited to inform you that we are back!  Effective June 1st our providers Dr. Srtuwa, Dr. Tabatha and Julie Witte, as well as our Functional Nutritionist Morgan Cullen, will once again begin seeing patients for in-office appointments.

Furthermore, all wellness services will once again be fully accessible starting June 1st, and massage will be available on a medically needed basis.

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