Benefits of Membership Medicine

The Guess Work is Gone

Employers don’t like surprises—especially when it comes to healthcare costs.  Healthcare spend is one of the largest expenses for an employer, and it’s up 74% from 2004.

With PrivaMD and our Partner, Lakeshore Benefits, you will enjoy the ability to customize a plan that works for you—from developing a membership only – to a hybrid mix of catastrophic insurance and membership.

Shift from Reactive to Preventative Care

There is a paradigm shift in focus from reactive healthcare to a focus on prevention and wellness. Even though we can help with acute treatment and occupational health, our focus is on preventative health which, in the long run, keeps healthcare costs down.  And, to make it easy – we can provide on-site care as well.

Outcomes are Tracked and Reported

We use KPI Ninja to track outcomes and analytics so we can partner with you to ensure the highest quality outcomes.  The benefit is that you get higher productivity at a lower cost.

Cost Reduction Overall

With Membership Medicine, overall costs are reduced for a few reasons.  Namely:

  • No inflated insurance fees associated with doctor visits, tests, and lab work.
  • Better cash flow management for employers as claims are paid at the point of service.
  • And, by coupling Membership Medicine with insurance-based catastrophic coverage, there are immediate savings with regard to limiting risk charges, profit margins, and state taxes.
  • Employees, too, see cost savings with lower fees associated with tests, lab work, prescriptions, and preventative care