Your health is invaluable, you deserve quality healthcare treatment that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

Now Accepting Patients!

Your time is valuable so you shouldn’t have to wait to see your doctor – not in the waiting room, not in the exam room.   And when health issues arise during your day, you should be able to call, text or video chat to address them – right there in the moment – even if it’s in the middle of the night.  

It takes time to get to the bottom of the symptoms you’re experiencing. At PrivaMD, we don’t overbook appointments and we don’t overload our physicians. Rather, by design, we schedule up to 60-minute visits with your provider and care team so you have the time it takes for you to feel heard. How can we do this? PrivaMD Physicians take on smaller patient loads – 400-600 people opposed to the standard 2000-3000 patient load. With smaller panels, we have the time it takes to connect with you – to dig deeper to understand your “system”; and not just your “symptoms”. And we are pleased to take the necessary time to inform and educate you regarding the root cause of what we uncover. 

We exist to provide a care model that promotes a radical change in the delivery of the health care experience. We seek to improve the quality of care and services to our members while decreasing the cost of healthcare for employers and patients through collaboration and tighter relationships with a focus on prevention and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Membership Medicine?

Membership Medicine is a medical model that is contracted directly with your physician.

The model inherently allows you more choice and control over your own healthcare. It is designed around a smaller patient load resulting in a guaranteed, same-day connection with your Physician and care team—any time, day or night. At PrivaMD, our members chose the level of health investment that best suits their needs.

What is the significance of Membership Medicine?

First and foremost, it means…as a member—you’re family.

  • It means your patient visit would no longer be driven by volume-based care.
  • It means extended visits (30-60 minutes) with your doctor. With smaller patient loads—by design—your doctor now has the luxury to get to the bottom of your health concerns by spending quality time getting to know you and your health history.
  • It means you have access to your doctor 24/7 to answer questions, receive acute treatment, or schedule an appointment.

How does it work?

Simply put.

You pay a monthly fee which includes a connection to your doctor, TeleHealth, and texting—depending on which Health Investment Level you choose. It’s that easy.

What if I already have insurance?

No problem.

Any delivery of services that are not reimbursed or covered by your existing plan, do not trigger deductibles or co-pays.

What is the benefit to me?

An average couple on Medicare will spend more than $200,000 in their lifetime on healthcare.

That’s a lot of money! With preventative medicine—of which PrivaMD strongly supports—patients can contain their healthcare costs when it comes to chronic illness, disease management, and injuries.

Care Coordination

Transparency + Accountability.

That’s the PrivaMD way. Whether it be exercised in a Care Team Consult or by securing and managing patient portal data, PrivaMD is highly engaged and collaborative in coordinating their patients’ care.

With longer consultative visits, we will ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis. When there are differing opinions about your course of care, we will work in collaboration with you, and with health care providers to avoid circular discussions and diagnoses.

We will make sure that your entire care team listens to you and is aligned on next steps. And when a specialist is required, you will have a say; and PrivaMD has the responsibility to advocate and align your healthcare providers. PrivaMD wants you to be comfortable with the quality of care that you receive. We are transparent in all that we do.

Flexible + Personalized

How so?

Because our Physicians are not bound by volume-based visits, we have the ability to take the necessary time to get to the bottom of your patients’ health issues.


Is My Information Safe?

We offer state-of-the-art HIPPA-compliant platforms that allow for texting and TeleHealth communication with patients—most of which are dropped right in the patient’s chart!

We’ve Got You Covered.

PrivaMD is proud to extend wide-reaching and alternative levels of care.

You’ll find a comprehensive overview of all the PrivaMD services you can expect from our growing network of providers.

Please note: Health insurance coverage varies by service and plans. Please contact your provider for detailed information on coverage. Some services that are not covered under insurance or Medicare may be covered within your membership fee. Please ask us for details.