New Us | New You

We have exciting news! Our journey is strong and we are growing!

I have the pleasure to inform you that we’ve partnered with an exciting new team, we have a new name, and we’ll be expanding our services to continue to serve you. We are now PrivaMD | Wellness and we’ll be moving to a new location in early spring.

Allow me to introduce PrivaMD | Physicians…

PrivaMD | Physicians are our partners in the family who exist to provide the primary care component of your healthcare; and, who have a wellness and prevention mindset. PrivaMD | Physicians supplement the services you currently receive. We are dedicated to elevating your healthcare experience beyond anything you’ve ever expected.

If you are interested in learning more about our PrivaMD | Physicians membership levels, please visit our website at or call us to get on our mailing list. Be sure to stay in touch! We will be seeing patients early spring at our new location!

Moving forward…

Should you decide to subscribe to our mailing list on our website, you will receive an email that describes the current and new services, classes, presentations and special programs that will be offered each month. We’ll keep you in the loop with a weekly Friday update of PrivaMD Press which will contain bites of the latest news from the wellness world.

Please feel free to stop in at our present location 17214 Van Wagoner Rd. in Spring Lake or call to chat about how we can best serve you with this new and exciting expansion.

Our focus continues to be on your health span as well as your life span.

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