Gift yourself just 10 minutes per day and you CAN tone, strengthen + improve the functionality of your body! In this episode, Dr. Tabatha interviews Erica Ziel, Core Exercise Specialist who helps women regain hope for their bodies through movement. Erica shares her secrets on how to get out of your own way, so you can strengthen your deep core and pelvic floor. She walks us through how to properly do Kegel exercises and reminds us that just 10 minutes a day of exercise and movement can make a difference! Shift your mindset and start healing your body through movement.

Check her out at https://www.ericaziel.com/
FREE PDF-How to Properly Engage your Pelvic Floor https://www.ericaziel.com/pelvicfloor
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24, 2020

In light of the new stay in place mandate from the State of Michigan, we are postponing patient visits until April 13, 2020 or when we receive a release from the Governor’s office.

Please know that we are still here for all of you, our valued patients and families. We are still providing phone and e-visits, as well as medication and supplement refills. For more details on how we’re continuing to support you, see our statement below.

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