INCREASE your revenue + DECREASE your AR days.

Improve your revenue-cycle efficiency + financial performance.

Let PrivaMD track down payments for services so you receive payment faster. Our billing specialists have over 30 years of experience and consistently stay abreast of changes made by private insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. We make sure you’re charging the allowable amounts for procedures (i.e. modifiers) and make sure there are fewer re-submissions due to new/revised codes. We pride ourselves on the quickest date of service turnarounds and we guarantee 98-100% claim rate resolutions. We’re passionate about billing and reducing your aging accounts.

Our medical billing services include:

  • Expert Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting  
  • Claims Billing
  • Claims Correction + Submission
  • Denials + Appeals
  • Patient Statement Billing
  • Patient Inquiries
  • Patient Collections
  • Analytics + Reporting
  • Certified Professional Coding  
  • Value-Based Care Reporting
  • Customizable Services

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