PrivaMD | Practice Management Services provides comprehensive practice management support from billing to staffing and leadership.  

With this extensive service line, it allows Physicians to keep their practice private and it lets them focus their time and energy where it belongs—caring for their patients.

At PrivaMD, our physicians are family with whom we continually seek to provide value and accessibility.


PrivaMD will be considered the premier management service organization that supports independent physician practices and profoundly different health care models in Michigan.  

Our collaborative provider network will achieve higher quality outcomes, decreased medical spending/cost for members and/or employers through the ability to provide personalized care of the mind, body and spirit.

We will provide a scalable model that will allow us to grow our provider network to consist of primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine, functional medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, occupational health, mental health and dentistry by the year 2021. 

Additionally, we will expand our collaborative network by 20% year over year for the first 5 years in existence.