Start your path to a better you.

At PrivaMD we provide our patients with the quality of care they deserve. Our approach utilizes both Eastern and Western medicine methodologies to give each patient individualized, holistic treatment plans. With PrivaMD you’ll receive better care and better outcomes for your body, mind + spirit.

Start your path to a thriving practice.

At PrivaMD we focus on you, so you can focus on your patients. We provide you with the support you need to help grow your business and enhance your patients’ experience. Let us help you with Billing, Coding, Credentialing, Operational Effectiveness, Conversion to Membership-based Medicine or complementing your practice with holistic services.

Who We Are


PrivaMD is a Healthcare and Management Service Organization with the goal of developing service models and independent physician support that fundamentally changes the way health care is delivered.


We seek to focus our practice on prevention and wellness–more closely aligning to what our patients and our employer partners desire as opposed to a “sick-fix” standard of care.

PrivaMD | Physicians

We’re working to promote a radical change in the delivery of the healthcare experience. Through highly collaborative, integrative care models, we’re able to provide a richer healthcare experience that is rooted in relationships, not driven by volume. By design, we schedule longer appointment visits so that you have the necessary time to feel heard and to absorb what is being discussed. This personal attention and time spent knee-to-knee, proves invaluable when it comes to optimal health and wellness.

PrivaMD | Wellness

Functional Lifestyle Medicine supports root cause analysis and alternative methods in the delivery of the healthcare experience. We offer Holistic Care, Health Coaching, Mindfulness-Counseling, Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Diagnostic Testing as well as an extensive line of products, services, and packages.

PrivaMD | Practice Management Services

We provide comprehensive practice management support from billing to staffing and leadership, even membership conversion. These extensive services allow physicians to keep their practices thriving, letting them focus their energy where it belongs–in caring for their patients. At PrivaMD, we continually seek to provide value and accessibility, because our physicians are family.


PrivaMD | Employer Solutions

Coming Soon | Fall 2019! Our Employer Solutions seek to improve the quality of care and services for our members while decreasing the cost of healthcare for employers and patients through collaboration and tighter relationships with a focus on prevention and wellness.


  • New Us | New You

    New Us | New You

    We have exciting news! Our journey is strong and we are growing! I have the pleasure to inform you that we’ve partnered with an exciting new team, we have a new name, and we’ll be expanding our services to continue to serve you. We are now PrivaMD | Wellness and we’ll be moving to a